At least three Asian black bears have been reportedly seen in Begaband Mountain.

Nabio is associate degree un-inhabited island within the Persian Gulf. set within the Hormozgan province, the island has attracted a growing variety of tourists over the past years by its distinctive and pristine nature. it’s a area of five.1 kilometres with its highest purpose standing thirty six metres on top of the ocean level.
The remains of ruined buildings and water wells on the island testify to the presence of some settlements within the past. Its earlier inhabitants were allegedly concerned in fishing and diving. By the first days of the planet War II, the inhabitants met their ends through pearl looking. They wont to search for a special pearl domestically known as Najva.

At least 3 Asian black bears are reportedly seen in Begaband Mountain, Sarbaz city of Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan Province.
Director of Sarbaz Environmental Protection Department proclaimed on Mon viewer have reported black bears are living in Begaband Mountain in Sarbaz since a protracted time past.

“Based on reliable reports concerning the footprints of the bears within the region further as pictures of the animals taken by optical lens, it’s believed that the black bears area unit still living within the region,” he was quoted as locution.

Due to its wild nature and wealthy food resources as well as dates and honey, Begaband Mountain is home to numerous species of untamed animals like black bears, leopards and gazelles.

Asian black bear is one in every of the eight remaining species of black bears within the world, that is scattered in Asia from Japan to Persia.

Also referred to as the moon bear and therefore the white-chested bear, Asian black bear is medium-sized bear species native to Asia and for the most part tailored to arboreal life.

Iran’s southeastern mountains area unit viewed collectively of the most homes of such bears in Persia.

The bear was noncommissioned as critically species within the world by the IUCN Red List of vulnerable Species, supported in 1965 to become the world’s most comprehensive inventory of the worldwide conservation standing of biological species.

In addition to the Asian black bears, Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan is home to different wild species that area unit as follows:

Marsh Crocodile:

The crocodilian is wide cherished in Sistan and Baluchestan. The locals attach importance to protective the crocodilian, viewing it as a symbol of blessing.

Living during a desert space, the locals retrieve their water from fountains during which the crocodiles live.


The chinkara (Gazella bennettii), additionally referred to as the Indian antelope, may be a antelope species that is comparatively smaller compared with the Iranian antelope. each male and feminine Chinkara have horns. It will go on atiny low portion of water for a protracted time in harsh conditions.

Iranian Leopards

Iranian leopard is among celebrated species of cats across the world. Sistan and Baluchesan is one in every of the most homes of the species. The leopard is registered as a critically species within the world.

Baluchi Squirrel

Baluichi Squirrel referred to as Northern Palm Squirrel is another species within the province living among the palm trees. it’s white-belly with wide dark lines on its white back. Its tail may be a combination of black and white hairs.

Sistan and Baluchestan Province is that the second largest province in Persia. it’s within the southeast of the country, bordering Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The flora of the region is principally created of vascular plant and vascular plant. Nabio Island and its shores area unit home to varied varieties of native and migratory birds because of their distinctive climate and geographics.

It is conjointly ideal for fishing and as a tourer you’ll be able to build your daily dishes by fishing. Nabio in conjunction with Hendurabi Island joined Kish area back in 2011.

The Island is additionally thought of to be one amongst the richest life regions in Asian country. a good variety of untamed birds like eagles, parrots, white-eared nightingale, hoopoe, bee-eaters, riant dove, and yellow wagtails inhabit the island. the govt. has established a protected space within the island.