Asiatic cheetah is a highly endangered subspecies.

An interesting video has emerged showing Associate in Nursing Iranian chetah cub stealing a life park ranger’s shoe outside his guarding post within the protected space of Seidowa life Refuge in Iran’s northeastern Semnan province.
The video emerged on a social media page related to the Iranian Environmental Protection Agency showing a trio family of Iranian cheetahs consisting of a mother and her 2 cubs in Seidowa life Refuge.

The first a part of the video shows a combine of two-year-old cubs walking aboard their mother, wanting in fine condition and healthy and possibly going for a day walk. Another one shows one in every of the cubs snatching the life ranger’s shoe outside his outpost.

The incidents indicate the high level of security and tranquility for life within the Seidowa region, as a life protection official place it.

Asiatic chetah may be a extremely vulnerable taxonomic group of that solely but one hundred stay within the world, and it’s currently found solely in Asian country. one in every of its main habitats within the country is that the parkland of Semnan province situated south-east of Shahrood on Tehran-Mashhad Road and southeast of the town of Shahrood.